An update

To our Hawthorn & Vine Members and Readership,

We apologize for the site being off-line and the subsequent radio silence over the past months. A combination of technical difficulties along with real-life issues among the administrators made us unable to address you before now. We know very well the nervousness that arise in fandom when these sorts of things occur, and we're sorry for the prolonged uncertainty.

So, most importantly, we want you all to know that we're committed to fighting to continue the site.

The problem, however, is that we've been subjected to repeated phishing and security attacks. H&V is particularly vulnerable to such attacks due to the fact it runs on eFiction, an archive software which hasn't been updated since 2015. The malicious files need to be identified and security patches need to be written before the site can return, and we are beginning the first steps of that process now. We will wait until we can be sure more sure of the site's security before putting it back up; we don't want to return, only to suffer another attack and go down again as we did earlier this year.

Please don't lose hope! The site is a resource, a meeting place, and a safe space for all of us, and we want it to continue. We'll do our best to ensure that this can be the case as far into the future as possible.

- H&V admins: ely, phlox, and Lia

We are looking for tech-savvy people who understand PHP, Git, and have some basic server skills. :) Please email eurecu[at]gmail[dot]com!